Young women need to gain the insights
and skills to move them purposefully
towards success in corporate leadership.
We help our ladies to understand & face
the challenges to lead.


Girls need to know they have a voice and
can be empowered to make meaningful
decisions that will have a positive impact in
their lives. We help girls to find the
confidence and the voice.


Research proves that having a mentor is
key to success. 80% of all CEOs admit that
they received some form of mentorship.
We must provide this missing component
if we truly want our girls to be successful.


Service learning provides our girls the
opportunity to develop civic engagement
and interpersonal skills. Service learning is
about application of knowledge.


Educating young women is the surest way
to provide empowerment. Women can
grow to be the problem solvers and contribute
to improving our world if they are
properly educated.


Giving back is always important. From
an early age we want to engage the Brave
Hearts in opportunities to give back.
Whether we adopt a senior citizen facility
or an orphanage, we will discover how it
feels to serve and give back to those in need.